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Learn how to increase fat oxidation and preserve glycogen stores!

The metabolic efficiency concept has been and continues to be supported and used by recreational athletes, professional athletes, sports coaches, registered dietitians, physiologists and strength coaches.

The concept combines four nutrition and exercise disciplines - exercise physiology, biochemistry, nutrition and metabolism - to manipulate the body's use of internal fat stores and carbohydrates at rest and throughout exercise.  

It's true that exercise can improve metabolic efficiency, but nutrition plays a bigger role.  Nutrition accounts for roughly 75% of your ability to improve fat oxidation, while exercise accounts for only 25% of the metabolic efficiency equation.  By blending nutrition therapy and exercise, rather than trying to manipulate them separately, we are able to improve health markers, energy levels, sleep quality, digestion, body composition, and exercise performance.  

Metabolic efficiency training is not a restrictive diet or a one-size-fits-all approach.  Our dieitian can create a customized, sustainable nutrition plan tailored to your current phase of training as well as your health and exercise goals to help you achieve optimal metabolic efficiency.

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Have you been dealing with unexplainable symptoms or health issues? Have you tried medications with no relief? Have you been told it’s all in your head?

You may be suffering from food sensitivities!

LEAP is an effective protocol that combines the Mediator Release Test (MRT) with the skills of a Certified LEAP Therapist to produce a patient-specific, anti-inflammatory diet. The diet is designed to lower inflammation, and by doing so, reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

When your immune system reacts to something you eat, symptoms could be delayed for up to 72 – 96 hours. This makes problematic foods hard to pinpoint. Without food sensitivity testing, it’s a never-ending guessing game. Our bodies can even react to “healthy” foods like salmon, almonds, blueberries – things we would never guess to cut out!

Our LEAP-certified dietitian is trained to interpret your results, create a customized plan specifically for you, and ensure you are following the LEAP protocol effectively. She will be the key to your success in eliminating your sensitivities so you can feel like yourself again.

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Nutrition is crucial for optimal health. Diet is intricately involved in reaching a healthy weight, combatting inflammation, preventing chronic disease, and increasing longevity.  Feeding your body the right way can drastically improve the quality of your life.

Frustrated by all of the conflicting nutrition information you read online? Not sure what to believe? Tired of dieting and quick-fixes that never seem to stick?

Our registered dietitian would love to guide you to your healthiest self. Together, you can look at your eating habits, lifestyle, and health concerns, to create a plan tailored specifically to you.  No matter your starting place, our dietitian can help you reach your goals.

Today could be the day you take that first step towards a healthier life and a happier you!